Wes Libbey Northern Lakes

Please visit the Grand Rapids West Libbey Chapter's website:
Wes Libbey Northern Lakes

President - Robert Scheierl
1109 NE 5th Avenue
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Vice President - Rich Libbey

Secretary - Shirley Loegering

Treasurer - Marcia Anderson

Dues Secretary - Marcia Anderson

State Director - Robert Scheierl

Newsletter Editor -  Open

Dues: *2016 only  $57.50 Individual, $75 Family

Meetings: 4th Wednesday, 7:00 PM,   Itasca County Central Square Mall in Grand Rapids


  • Work on retaining public ownership of school trust lands with high conservation value.
  • Provide input to pipeline, powerline, etc. right of way locations to minimize adverse environmental affects  
  • Watch over five Itasca County natural areas
  • Support retention and improvement of high water quality locally and statewide
  • Participate in County Comprehensive Land Use Plan and zoning updates to support retention of natural resource values.  
  • Participate in statewide conservation issues through representation on the Minnesota Division Board of Directors
  • Encourage local use of renewable and clean energy such as solar energy.
  • Encourage and support Grand Rapids being a GreenStep City.
  • Support balance recreation use of public lands
  • Support sustainable and environmentally responsible use of natural resources  
  • Provide statewide leadership on conservation issues.

Chapter Established:  1925
Date of last review or update: 11/2017